Frequently Asked Questions


What is SMOKE COUNTRY Return Policy?

Our return policies vary depending on the type of item you'd like to return. For more details about our policies, go to Returns & Exchanges.

When do you restock your products?

We are constantly placing new orders with our manufacturers. As soon as we receive the orders, the products are uploaded to our website.

Can I pre-purchase or place a hold on a product?

We are not able to hold any products in advance. We follow a strict “First come, First serve” policy.

How will I know when items I want will be back in stock?

To stay updated on product inventory, subscribe to the out of stock item by clicking on the items profile and selecting the “Sign up to get notified when this product is back in stock” link.  This link is located above the price listing for the specific product you want to purchase. Once in stock, our inventory system will instantly send you an automated alert notifying you we have your desired product back in inventory.

How do I stay informed on new products?

 You can find us on Facebook and Instagram . We utilize these forms of social media to post announcements on new and returning products that will be added to our E-commerce site and retail store.

How much does shipping cost and what types of shipping methods are available?

We have flat rate shipping costs. Inside canada, $20 CAD for purchases up tp $100CAD,  $10 CAD for purchases amount  between $100CAD-$150 CAD and free shipping over $150 CAD.  For USA  we have $30CAD  for purchases up to $100CAD, $20 CAD for purchase amount between $100-300 CAD  and free shipping over $300 CAD.

I cannot complete my transaction because of an “AVS Mismatch” or “Gateway error”. What does this mean?

 Smoke County.ca, provides our clients with a very strict and secure checkout system to ensure each purchase is authentic and non-fraudulent. If you did not receive an order invoice number, then your attempted transaction was rejected. The " AVS Mismatch" or “Gateway Error" is a direct result of incorrect or mismatched billing information being used to complete the purchase.

What can I do to correct and resolve the “AVS mismatch” or “Gateway error”?


The billing information you enter for your order has to absolutely match the information your credit or debit card company has on file for you.  Street address, phone number and email address have to be perfectly matched for the transaction to go through successfully.  Use only standard abbreviations such as “St, Blvd or Ave.”  Any variations in billing information from what your card issuer has on record for your account will be rejected as a failed transaction. Each failed transaction attempt will result in a temporary pending charge to the listed account used. The account will never be charged the pending amount and all pending charges will take up to 24 hours to be released from the account. We highly recommend contacting your Bank or Credit Card Company to confirm all information is accurate before placing your order. If you are required to update your information with your card company, it will take 24 hours for the new billing information to be confirmed in the national database. Wait for 24 hours to place your order after a failed attempt.


Can I have my order shipped to another address other than the one listed on my billing information?

The billing information is only required to authenticate the card being used. If you wish to change the shipping address, just select “ship to another address" option after entering your billing information, during the check out process. However, if you are using an American Express credit card your order must be shipped to the billing address they have on file. This is a policy that onlyAmerican Express credit cards require. All other major credit cards can be shipped to a different address besides the billing address.


Does SmokeCountry.ca ship orders on weekends?

No, we only ship orders on Monday through Friday during business hours.


What Merchant Information will I see on my credit card statements when I make purchases from Smokecountry.ca?

The card statement will show the merchant information as “SmokeCountry.ca”.

How can I find out correct size information I need for a particular product I want to purchase?

  • You can always contact us about any questions before or after placing your order. we will make sure you get the right size.

What if I need to update or change my shipping information?

Please immediately call or e mail  our customer service department and request to make the necessary correction to the information you provided.

Is it illegal to have glass products shipped to my state?

We leave it to the customer to confirm the legality of receiving glass pipes and accessories in the state where the order will be shipped.

What if my order arrives with broken or damaged product?

Do not throw any of the packing material or boxes away. Please customer service within 24 hours of receiving the item. We will require photos of the damaged box and product in order to facilitate any refund or exchange requests? For more information, visit our Returns & Exchanges page.

Does Smokecountry.ca accept USED PRODUCTS to be returned or exchanged?

 No, we do not accept any used product to be returned for a refund or exchange. We reserve the right to refuse any product that either looks or smells used.


Can I change my order after I’ve made my purchase?

Yes, if your order has not been Shipped, you can change your order with no fee.

What if I do not like my item(s) and want to return the items for an exchange?

We require an 10-18% restocking fee for each item that is being returned. You are responsible for providing the shipping costs to have the exchanged item(s) reshipped to you.

What if I want to cancel my order before it ships? Will there be a fee?

Yes, We require an 10-18% restocking fee for all cancelled orders.

How long does it take for a refund to be returned to my account?

It can take up to 3-5 business days for the refunded amount to be placed in your credit or debit account. Please contact your bank for their policy on this. 

Does Smokecontry.ca accept PayPal as a form of payment?

No, we do not accept PayPal as a form of payment.

Can I provide payment for my order with a money order instead of a credit/debit card?

No. We do not accept money order as a payment option

Can I provide payment for my order with a wire transfer or direct deposit?

Yes we do accept e transfer. If you would like to purchase with interact e transfer, please e mail us and we will provide you necessary information.

How long do I have to make returns?

You have 7days from the date you received your purchase to return it with an 18% restocking fee.


After 7 days, all purchases are non-returnable. 

Is there a restocking fee when returns are made when ordering the wrong size?

No, there are no restocking fees for returns made when ordering the wrong size on particular products.